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Annual Event Vapecon 2019

This is the 4th year we have been asked to film and edit the official Vaping convention "Vapecon" And as always, every year is bigger and better than the year before!

The vibe and energy of this event is always fun & exciting and we love being part of this!

As per client brief, every exhibition stand must be filmed in detail and from every angle so that everyone features in the video, and there are over 100 exhibitions. Quite a lot to film in 2 days in-between the activities happening on the stage. Prize giving, DJ performance, DIY demonstrations and Q&A talks with the audience.

Large outdoor setting for food stalls and drinks, everything needs to be captured and packaged in an exciting event highlight video.

To the client, the Vaping industry is like a community where everyone matters, it truly is a passion project for this community to come together and have fun and mingle with fellow vapers. That's why this video is a little longer than the usual highlight videos, but to this sharing community - every second says something!

It is our job to capture, package and communicate that what matters most to the client according to their requirements. It was our pleasure.

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