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A conference in a few short videos

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

We feel privileged to be part of the CMC Networks team to communicate their vision for the next financial year visually!

Documenting your event visually, makes it easier to refer back to, rather than writing transcripts and having to read through a full conference

to report back about who were there? What was said? Were certain challenges discussed? What was some of the solutions suggested? What feedback was obtained?

These were some of the questions our client needed answered after their Financial year planning event.

There were many different keynote speakers, each a member to speak on behalf of their team in the specific field, providing feedback about challenges and suggestions for future growth.

We were asked to film this conference, and instead of editing the full event as it happened, we created a few short video's instead.

We took each keynote speaker, and edited it down to only the important elements in the speech. We incorporated their Power Point Presentation slides, so you can follow as they speak.

Now instead of having to watch through the entire event video - you can simply select the desired topic and there you have a short to the point highlight clip of the speech.

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