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EVENTS- Old Mutual Soweto Marathon

Old Mutual used their Hyh influencer, and insight in researching the running events and culture in the smaller clubs. With month's of research they discovered an underground and growing movement that would enable them to tap into new and fresh relevant audience. Social Media also played a big role in connecting with running clubs and individuals pursuing this culture.

It was then a no-brainer for Old Mutual to move from traditional sponsorship & branding to a partnership. Old Mutual jumped in and could support the runners on a different level.

The Feedback from the runners: " It's all about the feel of the run" - "running in cool places" and "breaking new boundaries".

Our team from Unbreakable Media enjoyed this project, because we love being in the centre of the action and capturing the energy of the runners. We started off visiting a few running clubs, to see how they prepare for a marathon physically and mentally. The Energy was electric with everyone having the same goal in mind - TO ENJOY.

You could see Old Mutual's firm hand on the event as everything is planned to perfection.

See the full video below!

The Full Video

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