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Events - Vapecon 2018

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Good Morning Winter - what a cold morning it was. With the previous Vapecon events the queues were seen from a distance very early in the morning... Will the outcome be the same in this cold? Yes! Once again the long queue of vapers with the cloud is evident.

If you close your eyes, it almost smells like a sweets store, from strawberry, fudge etc except it was the sweet smell of Vape Juice. The Vapors can't wait for the gates to open to get the latests goods and juice from the best Vape venders in South-Africa, with 15 international vendors joining from all over the world! With the cloud heaven, tricks and lots of give away's this two day Vapecon was once again a Major success.

It is always a privilege for the Unbreakable Media team to be the official Vapecon Video production company. See the full official video below!

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