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A series of Fitness Videos calls for a retainer

Fitness instructor Nhlanhla Moela also know as Fitmechanic collaborated with the legendary Lisa Raleigh in their Series of fitness / workout video's called Lisa Raleigh and friends.

This means that they need to film a series of video's where they can showcase the proper way of working out, with different routines and lengths of workout time. We use two camera's for two different angles and set him up with a microphone so he can encourage and motivate his audience as he goes!

We are the official Lisa Raleigh Video production team, and both Lisa & Nhlanhla are a good example of our clients that makes use of our Retainer offer. The retainer option works perfect for clients who needs to make a series of videos, or has many recurring needs for video on a monthly basis. We then offer a discounted rate which makes us their official almost in-house like video production team, that they can call any time during the month, and we will help them as first priority, with filming, editing, graphic designing etc, for a monthly fee. To find out more about our retainer offers, visit our retainers page here

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