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Get rid of Negativity!

No matter what happened yesterday, or what brought on the negative thoughts, whether it is true or not -

Negativity is not healthy for us.

Maybe something happened and you feel a little down and under, beaten, with no will to get up, and no inner strength to get you back up either. Maybe you even think you deserved it, and it is all true.

I get this image of my little Coriander plant I got for Christmas - so pretty and full of life. Happy. Made me happy too. "I'm going to take good care of you" "I'm not going to let you die"

So I put him outside in the Pretoria sun for literally a few hours when I noticed my mistake.

The poor plant were just lying there, completely flat, burned out, no strength to hold himself up anymore, beaten down, given up.

I quickly take him inside, cut off all the dead leaves, and the ones turning yellow, that won't recover but sucks all the remaining water. I spray some water on the leaves to cool them down, and pour some water on the ground so those roots can fill up and get strong again. Slowly but surely those little stems stood up and looked happy and green again!

Maybe you don't feel like it now, but we have to take care of ourselves, for our health. Whether the negative thoughts are true or not, take what you can learn from it, but cut it off and remove the power of it as soon as you can. Remove yourself from the situation, spray some love and care, and reach up to be happy again.

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