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Grand Opening of Kit-Kat Cash & Carry

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

To make an instant impact and attracted attention, the answer is Video. This Grand opening of Kit-Kat we worked with our partnering company Peach Tree Productions, they did the filming while we edited on site.

The client needed 1x 30sec marketing video to be released on social media every 30mins for the opening launch of their new shop! This is a very strong way to market and get people’s attention, to see the hype around what’s happening at your business. You can draw a crowd or get follow up questions and queries when people see it on social media.

It is also a clever way to make the most of our services because in just 4 hours the client received 5 individual marketing clips that can be shared and used as marketing for so much longer than just on the day.. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today and market you’re business the smart way!

With online marketing videos, you create a bigger variety of audience. And if it is good, most of the work get's done by the public by sharing your post, liking your page ext.

See the full official video below!

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