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Marketing Video - Pierre Vee Photography

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

At a press of a button and a course or two you can change your hobby to your profession. We are surrounded by opportunity, everybody loves to capture a moment in time... Why not do it professionally. It is always beneficial to have a mentor, Pierre Vee Photography is clearly a cut above the rest. With his tutoring way it is only practice that stands between you and your goal. We had so much fun following him around with a video camera while he is teaching about photo camera's. Personally for me a good teacher is someone that can teach you their skill and you being able to copy and "paste" it into your understanding. He's way of presenting will leave you at ease with your camera. It took only a half day of filming and some magic in the editing room to create this short marketing video, that now enables him to promote his business further and get more potential clients to sign up for these classes.

It is one thing to sit in a classroom and just receive a lot of information, but Pierre vee makes the whole experience fun and exciting giving you the opportunity to practically apply what you've learned out in the field with models and this video portrays exactly that, giving potential students a chance to see what to expect making them eager and more at ease to sign up. This short marketing clip is a typical, powerful yet affordable way to market your business!

See the full official video below!

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