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WEDDING Highlight - Sergio & Cinzia

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Being a part of a couple's big day, is more than just being a videographer - You have to be ready, creative and make sure you capture every essence of that day. It is almost like capturing your favorite movie, you can never get tired of.

Cinzia and Sergio had a small but intimate wedding. One of my favorite moment was the moment her Dad gave her over to Sergio. The moment of tears, new beginning was captured in time. After that the laughter began - the vows and off course the blessing prayed by friends and family to remember. We had only joy to capture the love and fun between these two souls.

Every step of this wedding was just full of fun, laughter and Love.

The Unbreakable Team just had a pleasure to capture beautiful ART in MOTION.

See the full Highlight video below!

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