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What we've been up to in 2020

2020 started out like any other year, but then suddenly it threw a curve ball none of us saw coming. It changed everything and all of us were impacted by this in some form or another. It definitely made a mark in the history pages.

Even though this pandemic has spread mainly negativity, I also believe a lot of good came out of this. It changed the way we saw life and what is important, it changed the way we saw our work and what we're really spending our time on. We got to know the people in our lives on a different level, we got to appreciate our freedom/free time a lot more, our privileges that we took for granted for so long have now become something to value and cherish. What we only assumed will be there tomorrow can be very easily be taken away. Yes it's a big shock to the system and left us with great uncertainty and fear for the unknown that lies ahead.

But like I said, it's not all bad. I think a little shake in the cage is a good thing every now and then, it gets us to stop and rethink life and what we are chasing, because in this rat race there is no time to think, and you forget what you are chasing in the first place.

In business, some companies had to close their doors, permanently, others only for a few months. Other companies thrived in this time more than ever and others were strong enough to be sustainged throughout and continued to function in the midst all of this, and we were lucky enough to be one of those. We have kept our doors open the entire time, still helping companies communicate their messages visually and creating marketing material.

Video is still the most effective way to communicate, and it is not going anywhere, and won't loose it's power through a pandemic.

From animation videos explaining the impact of Covid, to sending messages of hope from companies to their clients, some for saying goodbye. Corporate companies still had their meetings and conferences - this time only on the Zoom platform - but they still needed to be edited and summarized for feedback reports.

People became more creative and started thinking of ways to take their businesses online, and which better way to do that than through video? We did a lot of instructional courses, convert them to digital video and taking them online. Some started to dare more, by still having their events continue, though its not in person, in can be simulated in the same way, giving you the same benefits and same experience, only online, through live streaming.

The more people started exploring, the more they realized this is the new way of operating and doing business, and it actually has a lot of benefits. I think we would've arrived at this point by ourselves eventually anyway, but now we were forced to develop and explore this side quicker.

From our side, we've had a very successful year, we've moved to bigger offices and employed another editor.

I lost my brother, suddenly in September, I think about him everyday,

I think about how everything he stressed about, and everything he chased were suddenly gone. Stopped. Just doesn't matter anymore. It made me think even more about what we leave behind, and what will be remembered about us. Covid might be a threat to your business or finances but death can come any day.

We are looking forward to 2021, and welcome all it holds. We are ready for anything, and believe this year will be better than the last.

We wish you a happy new year, and let's take on this new year unafraid, with a fresh new outlook on life and the way we do business, and let's get creative!

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