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Documentary - Moeggesukkel

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

We created a 10x Episode Mini Documentary Series for Moeggesukkel, as part of their Social Media Marketing Campaign. This is a very powerful way of marketing, by releasing a series of video's regularly, once a week or even once a day - It keeps your audience engaged and curious to see the next one so they continue to follow your posts.

Documentary films are an in-depth and informative resource which are a perfect platform to create dialogue. They serve as powerful tools that bring important topics to the table in a captivating way that also sparks conversation, and sometimes even social movements.

You can share your particular story or viewpoint and cover all the different elements through interviews, visual story telling and breathtaking cinematography.

We can help you with script writing, to formulate what you want to say in short yet powerful ways, that hit the mark and hearts of your audience. Structure planning, schedules, storyboard layouts are all services we provide.

Don't be frightened by all the big words and terms or think it's a big project that lies before you, let us do all the work and simplify the process for you! It is easier than you think to bring out an amazing and professional product fast and fits your budget!

This particular series were done on a relatively small budget. If you work cleverly, we can do a lot more in a small amount of time. We know how!

Purposes for documentaries can be for instruction, education or creating awareness for a specific cause.

Contact us today for a free consultation session to find the most effective and affordable way to bring your message across!

See some of the full episodes below:

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